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Create a Domoscore for your home, your biggest asset, to get a better handle on the maintenance and improvements needed. Start with 22 questions on the condition and age of multiple features within your home to compute your Domoscore and get advice for what to do next to improve your score, and your home.


  • You don’t need another complicated report you have to interpret, so the Domoscore makes your home’s condition crystal clear with a single score that goes from 1 to 10,000.
  • Know exactly what needs to be repaired in your home and the best time to do it based on a detailed report on the condition of each feature in your home.
  • Easily compare the condition of multiple homes when buying and selling. Each Domoscore is 100% free.
  • Help improve your neighborhood and community by inspiring others to make confident home decisions.

What Exactly Does a Domoscore Look like?

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