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Help your clients get repair estimates and grow your income

Majordomo’s free affiliate program is a simple way to generate new revenue from your inspections while helping your clients negotiate their best deal with ZIP Code specific repair estimates within 24 hours.

Earn up to $40 on each sale you bring us!

Why join Majordomo’s Affiliate Program?

$40 commission

Sign up for free. For every sale, you’ll get up to $40 depending on the resale price you choose.

A simple PDF flyer

Attach the flyer to each inspection report. You don’t need to do a hard sell or remember to tell your clients.

Fast payouts

You don’t have to worry about the payout of your commissions. Majordomo will instantly send you the money with each sale.

Local repair estimates

Reliable estimates are based on 30 years of research on 20,000 (and counting) project estimates from 35,000 providers of materials and labor across the US.

Client privacy

We only see - and protect - the client’s info that they choose to share with us. They won’t get unsolicited calls from contractors.

Proper Disclosure

We’re upfront with the client that you may receive an affiliate commission when they purchase from us.

How It Works

Follow a few simple steps to become a affiliate today.


Sign up online for free

Any home inspector can join the Majordomo affiliate program - it’s free and only takes a few minutes. You’ll do three things to get started:

  1. Complete the sign-up form
  2. Choose your flyer design
  3. Select your resale price

Share with your clients

To earn a commission, all you need to do is attach the PDF flyer to each home inspection report. We want you to be a successful affiliate. That’s why we created helpful resources including:

  • A personalized PDF flyer and client landing page
  • Integration with select inspection software providers
  • In-depth, live and recorded training
  • 24-hour chat and customer support

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Get paid

When a client clicks on the PDF flyer and orders from Majordomo we’ll send you an instant commission. Want to see how much you could be making right now? Select a resale price on our commission calculator and the number of inspections you do a week to get a look at some real numbers you could be earning.

Majordomo Commission Calculator


Your commission for referring 1 order(s) to Majordomo per week

Select your resale price






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Need a closer look at our affiliate program?

Want to check it out for yourself? Go ahead - request a free demo. We think you'll like what you see.

Review a sample Domoreport

Learn how to integrate Majordomo with your exact software

Answer all your questions

Schedule a demo

We won’t share this information with anybody else.

Privacy Policy

What your client gets

The Domoreport comes complete with all the tools your client needs to be confident in their purchase.

ZIP Code specific repair estimates broken down by materials and labor

Majordomo's cost estimates are based on more than 30 years of research on 20,000 project estimates from 35,000 providers of materials and labor across the US. Every Domoreport is reviewed by an industry expert before it's sent to your client.

Prioritized repairs by severity and urgency

At the core of the Domoreport is a list of repairs based on defects identified in the inspection. We tell your client where the repairs need to happen, prioritize them, estimate costs, and identify the type of contractors who could do the work – all linked to the page number of the home inspection report.

Integrated request list creator

Your client can build a custom request list of repair requests, credit amounts, and items accepted as-is. Export a professional-looking addendum attachment to use when negotiating with sellers.

All Included Features

Beautiful interactive reports

Repair & maintenance recommendations

Full and detailed analysis of all repairs

24-hour turnaround guarantee

Integrated request list builder

Simple CSV repair list download

Archive old Domoreports

Inspection report securely saved online

Secure unlimited document storage. Learn More

Explore: US, state, county, and city resources. Learn More


Easy and secure built-in sharing. Learn More

Always available: 24 hour access

Lifetime account access

SSL encryption

Easy data input

Simple Inspection PDF Upload

Property photo uploads


Expert email support

Live chat support

Comprehensive knowledge base. Learn More

Zoom support during business hours

Phone support during business hours

Training webinars

Lifetime bug fixes and improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

“How do you track sales?”

We use Stripe to make and track payments and instantly deposit your payment into your bank account from Stripe. If you need help accessing your Stripe dashboard to see your sales, let us know.

“What do I need to sign up?”

You’ll need your business contact information, and your EIN Tax ID or Social Security number. A company photo and logo are optional, and can be added later.

“I don’t provide estimates - why would I recommend you?”

You’re still not providing estimates. This is a referral program in the same way a real estate agent refers their buyer to you, and the buyer orders directly from you. In fact, it keeps you at an arm’s reach away so there’s no additional liability to you.

“Will this work with my software?”

For most software packages it’s easy to set a default flyer to be included with your inspection. If you’re unsure how to set it up, contact us and we’ll help.

“Will real estate agents be receptive to this?”

Real estate agents love it because they get repair estimates within 24 hours, which gives them more time for negotiations. Agents are saving 2-5 days because they don’t need to coordinate with contractors to get quotes.

“Does this comply with ASHI and InterNACHI standards of practice?”

Yes. Majordomo is affiliated with both ASHI and InterNACHI. We worked with both organizations to ensure our program exceeded their standards of practice. For example, both the flyer and the client’s landing page include a clear disclosure statement that you may earn a commission when they purchase. If you have any concerns regarding any specific state regulations, please contact us.

“Will contractors or anyone else call my client?”

No. We keep client’s data private and secure. We hate unsolicited calls and emails as much as you and will never sell your client’s data.

More questions? Let us help.
Contact us or check out our full FAQ.