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Hundreds of online resources exist to help answer questions about home purchases, but finding useful websites that focus on specific properties can be needlessly time-consuming. That means you might be tempted to skip this critical step – or to spend many hours searching for that needle in a haystack. Relax: Majordomo has done the searching for you.

Majordomo's Explore is a full page of resources found online – specific to your local area and property. It includes homeowner rebates, permits, maps, utilities and much more.

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We've done the searching for you

Don't waste your valuable time searching the internet. We've found hundreds of online resources – and present you only with the ones that are most helpful to understand your home. Learn more

Answer the questions you don't know you have – yet

It's part of the traditional role of a majordomo: Bringing potential issues to your attention before you know about them. Majordomo's Explore will connect you with fantastic resources you might not have found otherwise.

National and local resources

Majordomo's Explore includes country, state, county, and city resources specific to your property.

Sample the national resources available through Majordomo's Explore:

Sample the national resources available through Majordomo's Explore: