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The Best Advice Ever for Real Estate Agents: Stop Being the Expert

The Best Advice Ever for Real Estate Agents: Stop Being the Expert

Lee Eckroth2 year ago

Have you ever had a moment when someone shares a piece of wisdom that instantly solves your problem?

During my first year as an agent, I asked a mentor, named Pete, a question on how to advise my clients on the type of septic system to get. His answer not only solved my problem but changed my life. He said, "Our role is not to know everything. Our role is to be the person who knows the person who knows."

Majordomo's friend Pete Sekermestrovich

Oh my gosh! It's was so simple and yet so powerful. I don't have to be the expert anymore. I just need to know who the expert is for a particular problem. As a result, my business blossomed while I gained back time and stopped stressing about being an expert. 

Build your A-Team to make beautiful music

What I didn't know at this early moment in my real estate career was that Pete would turn out to be the first person on my "A-Team". My A-team included every real estate professional and service provider I relied upon to deliver the highest level real estate service possible. There is no way I would have lasted in the business if it wasn't for my A-Team.

It turns out, to succeed in this business I needed to look at myself as a conductor, and all the amazing people who helped as the orchestra. Everyone worked together performing their specialty at the highest level - at the exact right time - to help our mutual clients succeed. If I did my job correctly, my clients would simply see me as the person holding a magic wand conducting the transaction up to the moment of delivering the keys to their home.

One of my many A-Team parties to celebrate our trusted advisors and team

When we started Majordomo, we believed one of our key measurements for success would be people sincerely saying, "Majordomo is part of my team." A key element to this would be the effectiveness of our service, how we delivered on our promise and how willing our customers would be to confidently share Majordomo with others. An important step was to make the Domoreport as easy to use and share as possible.

Sharing a Domoreport

Sharing a Domoreport is a way for you to share "who you know" with your clients. This way, you don't need to be the expert on repair costs and assessing the condition of the home. We know that with tight timelines, it's crucial to be able to easily and securely share important information between you and your clients quickly.

Majordomo offers three levels of permission when sharing.

The Domoreport was designed from the ground up to make it really easy to work together during the 2nd half of the home inspection - that period of time between receiving the inspection and final acceptance of the condition. No more back and forth, hair thinning, confused communications after the inspection. You can easily, and securely share a Domoreport with 9 additional people. Sharing the Domoreport is beneficial for multiple reasons:

  • It expedites agent/client communications.
  • It simplifies defect prioritization.
  • You save substantial time with our proprietory repair addendum creation tool.
  • All of that while keeping your data secure and accessible only by invite

Take a moment and check out this short video showing how easy it is to share your next Domoreport.

Be the Conductor

Stop being the agent who knows it all. Start being the conductor who knows how to build an incredible system with an amazing team - your orchestra, your A-team. Think of your transaction as beautiful music and your job is to create a masterpiece. And remember, share with others.

Lee Eckroth

Lee recognized a few missing puzzle pieces in real estate transactions after spending 16+ years as a top producing real estate broker participating in 1,100+ transactions: the understanding of a property's condition, the story of a property, why it matters, what to do next, and who to call to for help. As CEO, Lee oversees the company vision, manages sales and marketing, and exploring business models. "Let's improve the owner's relationship with their home."

About Majordomo

Majordomo created the Domoreport.

The Domoreport is the most in-depth report on a home’s condition ever created, yet it’s easy to read and you can quickly figure out exactly what your buyers need to know. It’s the new standard for helping home buyers quickly understand the condition of their home with local and highly accurate repair estimates based on their inspection.

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