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Negotiate the Best Deal with the Domoreport's Request List

Negotiate the Best Deal with the Domoreport's Request List

James Furlo1 year ago

Majordomo's Domoreport received its most significant update ever with the request list. The Domoreport provides accurate repair estimates based on a home inspection in an easy-to-read summary and breakdown. And getting a Domoreport has never been easier: Upload your home inspection PDF, and within 24 hours, you'll have access to your Domoreport. It's already saving agents and buyers time, and with the request list for repairs & credits, you're going to double the amount of time saved.

The Domoreport Request list

The request list lets you seamlessly take the next step with the repair costs: create a request list that goes with a repair addendum during inspection negotiations.

The result is a professional document - with 3rd party cost estimates - that clearly details precisely what you want based on the results of the home inspection. It creates a highly customizable request list based on reliable data to stack the odds on your side.

You get to the request list by clicking on the right most tile in the repairs summary section:

Majordomo's Domoreport Summary

You'll see the Domoreport transform into a dynamic, interactive tool where you can create a request list for your exact situation. There are 8 powerful features you can use:

The Domoreport Request List Builder
  1. At the top is a summary of your requests. You'll see exactly what you're asking for.
  2. Add any overall comments to the request list. This will be at the top of the request list output. If you're not sure what to say, we provide some examples right below. By the way, if you leave this, or any other notes blank, the system automatically hides it for you.
  3. Choose a request:
    1. Request Repair: An item you want to be repaired.
    2. Request Replacement: When you want to specify that an item isn't just repaired but fully replaced. Side note (which is also a huge deal!): The Domoreport now intelligently calculates trip charges when you request more than one repair or replacement from the same type of contractor. Learn more
    3. Request Credit: Instead of a repair or replacement, you can request a credit amount.
    4. Accept As-Is: Let the seller know what you're willing to accept as-is.
    5. Exclude From List: If you don't choose a request, it will automatically be excluded. This is so you know you've already looked at it.
  4. For every request, you have the option of providing additional notes.
  5. You can upload a contractor's quote and add the exact bid amount for repair and replacement requests. The system will automatically update the total for the bid amount. And don't worry if you mess up because you can always change it later.
  6. For credit requests, you can specify the amount you want. The system automatically calculates the middle of the estimate range, and you can change it to whatever you want.
  7. Sometimes you want to add a request beyond the scope of the general home inspection, such as a septic inspection or well flow test. That's built right in as well. Click the button, fill out the simple form, and it's added.
  8. When you're ready, preview the final report. You can customize the final output even more (see below) and then share it.

Request List Preview & Share

When you click on "Preview & Share" here's what you'll see:

Request List Preview and Share

The left-hand column gives you many customization options. You can choose to display or hide almost every single element to best meet your negotiation situation. These settings are automatically saved. You can choose to share a direct link or print to a perfectly formatted page on the lower left.

See it in action in this video.

We think agents and buyers will find this tool extremely powerful. It'll save hours - no more copy and paste projects - and help you negate the best deal possible.

To check it out yourself and play around with the request list, view one of our demos.

Additional Export Methods

If you think about it, the request list is a fancy export tool: a way of getting the repair cost data out of the Domoreport webpage onto a PDF, while adding context and action items around that data.

Yet, we know that some customers prefer more basic options. For example, we know that many people love the ability to deeply integrate Majordomo into their existing systems. To facilitate that, you can still export all the Domoreport data to a CSV. And, if you prefer a PDF, you can print the Domoreport page directly using your browser's print menu.

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