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What Meal Planning Can Teach Us About Home Maintenance

What Meal Planning Can Teach Us About Home Maintenance

James Furlo4 year ago

In my first year of marriage, a strange thing used to happen in our house around 8pm. My wife and I would start getting into arguments about the smallest things. It didn't happen when we dated... what was going on?!

Then it hit us: when we dated, we used to meet after work and eat dinner together as a way to hang out. Now married and living together, that didn't happen. I worked from home and so my new wife would arrive while I finished up and we'd start doing something else like going on a walk, washing dishes, folding laundry... stuff.

But we'd forget to eat because it was no longer a reason to hangout!

So 8pm would roll around and we'd become hangry. We'd argue for a bit, realize what was going on, and then dash off to a restaurant to eat... and all would be well again.

Enter The Meal Plan

Eventually we realized one of our problems was we didn't have a meal plan. We bought food, but it wasn't for anything specific, which made the task at 6pm to make dinner difficult. And when 8pm rolled around... our mindset reached a point where eating out was the only option.

However, if we had a meal to look forward to, and the food already bought, we would eat at a regular hour and skip the not-so-loving-argument later.

So that was the solution: create a calendar of meals we liked. Then go shopping for that food for the next week or two. That way each night, we 6pm rolled around, all we had to do was look at the calendar and make that item. It worked great! We saved money from eating out, we saved our relationship from unwanted stress, and we saved our health by choosing healthier foods than fast food (most days, let's be honest here).

Home Maintenance Works Best With a Plan

Isn't home maintenance the same way? Like eating, it's a regular, predictable, event. Yet, many of us will wait until the proverbial 8pm when things are dire to fix a problem. Sometimes the signs are obvious: you can see the paint starting to fade and crack. Sometimes they're hidden: you can't see your heater struggling to push air because your filter is dirty... until the heater's motor gives out.

Like eating, home maintenance works best with a plan:

  • Write out the tasks that need to happen
  • Decide when you plan to do them
  • Buy the materials ahead of time
  • Set aside time to do that task

It's so simple... yet so hard.

This is one of the ways Majordomo can help. By creating a Domoscore, you get a complete list of tasks that need to happen for your home and guidance on when to do them. It's like a meal plan for your home. You'll know when to maintain an item before it becomes a big problem and you're required to spend big dollars to fix it.

Like a meal plan, you still need to do the work (there's no magic bullet for that yet), but your house will no longer act hangry towards you if you follow a plan.

Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash

James Furlo

Majordomo COO & co-founder, multi-family real estate investor, and former HP big data analyst. Interested in tech, real estate, and math.

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