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Home Alone's Kevin McCallister is our 2020 Holiday Majordomo

Home Alone's Kevin McCallister is our 2020 Holiday Majordomo

Lee Eckroth1 year ago

Majordomos present themselves in many different and unique ways. For 2020, we've chosen the home from Home Alone in the suburbs of Chicago as our Holiday Domoreport home of the year where Kevin McCallister became the Majordomo of his home when his family left him behind on Christmas vacation to Paris. 

The role of a Majordomo is critical. They're the head steward of a home. The caretaker. The person who makes decisions and puts them into action. Kevin showed he had what it takes!

It is hard to believe that Home Alone was released 30 years ago on November 10, 1990. While the storyline is based on a family leaving their 8-year old home, the real story is about Kevin, played by Macaulay Caulkin, stepping up to protect his home from the Wet Bandits – thus making him a Majordomo.

We enjoy watching movies from a home inspector's standpoint, detecting existing problems, and highlighting the damage that occurs during the movie. In this case, we identified 14 defects. The most expensive repair was for some wood flooring to be refinished, and the smallest was a handrail that needed to be stabilized.

Overall, for a home that was 70-years old at the time the movie was released, the home presented very well with a Domoscore of 5520.  That being said, Kevin protecting his home came at a cost of $15,000! The good news, 30 years later, is that the home has been well maintained and weathered well with time according to this recent article

You can check out the complete Domoreport for the McCalister home at In addition, check out our Clark Griswolds Christmas Vacation Domoreport and Ralphie's Christmas Story Domoreport.

Stay safe, be sure to protect your home, but please be cautious when using blowtorches, feathers, and tar in your house.

Happy holidays from your friends at Majordomo

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