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Domoreport Is Disrupting

Domoreport Is Disrupting

Lee Eckroth2 year ago

To disrupt is to interrupt or throw something into disorder.  This was never the intent when we started Majordomo.  As a matter of fact, our goal was just the opposite of disruption.  Our focus has always been to help real estate agents, home buyers and owners make confident decisions – to be the home's head steward.  We figured if we could help improve homes and communities – we would have accomplished our dream for Majordomo. 

Domoreport Summary
Domoreport Summary

Recently, RISMedia published "Disruptor Roundup: Majordomo Looks to Deliver Clarity to Home Inspections" It was exciting to be recognized as an industry disruptor.  We are indeed working to deliver clarity to home inspections, but more importantly, to provide clarity on the overall condition of a home.  While new Majordomo's (our users) love our detailed estimates and negotiation tools, the Explore resources included with each Domoreport raise the bar on research and due diligence during the home purchase. 

Domoreport project details

If building easy to use tools to help better understand a home's overall condition to ultimately make more confident decisions makes Majordomo an industry disruptor – than we gladly accept the title.  

Lee Eckroth

Lee recognized a few missing puzzle pieces in real estate transactions after spending 16+ years as a top producing real estate broker participating in 1,100+ transactions: the understanding of a property's condition, the story of a property, why it matters, what to do next, and who to call to for help. As CEO, Lee oversees the company vision, manages sales and marketing, and exploring business models. "Let's improve the owner's relationship with their home."

Sarthak Kaushik
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Majordomo created the Domoreport.

The Domoreport is the most in-depth report on a home’s condition ever created, yet it’s easy to read and you can quickly figure out exactly what your buyers need to know. It’s the new standard for helping home buyers quickly understand the condition of their home with local and highly accurate repair estimates based on their inspection.

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