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Breaking News: Realtor Finally Has Time to go Kayaking

Breaking News: Realtor Finally Has Time to go Kayaking

Lee Eckroth2 year ago

Marty Fulford has been a Realtor in Oregon for 7 years. Two years ago her business started to grow exponentially and she's worked diligently to build systems to work smarter, increase her customer satisfaction, and improve the quality of her life.

While technology such as DocuSign and Zipforms have streamlined the paper parts of her transactions, the second half of the home inspection - that time period between receiving the home inspection and final negotiations, like getting contractor quotes - has remained the most time consuming, stressful part of the transaction for her and many agents, buyers, and sellers.

Marty Fulford with Anthony Veltri during her interview

Marty started using the Domoreport on every transaction starting in October, 2019.  Since that time:

  • She's saving 6-7 hours per transaction. In the last quarter of 2019, Marty gained back 40-hours of her life!
  • Marty's clients are negotiating faster with increased seller concessions. Plus, they love the gift of the Domoreport.
  • With her newfound time, she's able to offer better service, close more deals, and finally have time again to go kayaking.

Real Estate Agents Need to Save Time, Or Pay the Price

We're excited to help real estate agents like Marty get their time back while providing a higher level of service. That's because there are some real health issues if you don't create systems and figure out ways to save time. For example, Realtor Magazine has noted that real estate practitioners suffer a high rate of clinical depression:

"Depression, characterized by prolonged periods of sadness and a change in mood, energy, or behavior, affects real estate professionals at a high rate. The industry has the second-highest rate of clinically diagnosed depression among a wide range of professional occupations in the U.S., according to a 2014 study published in the academic journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology."

Tom Di Matteo, of the Real Estate Group, observes that real estate can also take a toll on your family. Many real estate agents report that they are always on call, work most weekends, and simply don't have time to get away or even exercise.

Finding that balance can be tricky, but it's critically important to enjoying a long and prosperous career.

Majordomo's Domoreports Saves Real Estate Agents Time, and Which Leads To a Healthier Work Life Balance

Majordomo can help you and your clients too. The Domoreport streamlines the second half of your home inspection by prioritizing, analyzing and cost estimating ANY home inspection in 24-hours or less with guaranteed satisfaction. Like Marty, take control of your career and let Majordomo help you with the second half of the home inspection.

To watch Marty's story click below. You can also watch Marty's full 59-minute interview too!

Now Go out and have an awesome today.

Lee Eckroth

Lee recognized a few missing puzzle pieces in real estate transactions after spending 16+ years as a top producing real estate broker participating in 1,100+ transactions: the understanding of a property's condition, the story of a property, why it matters, what to do next, and who to call to for help. As CEO, Lee oversees the company vision, manages sales and marketing, and exploring business models. "Let's improve the owner's relationship with their home."

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