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Animal House: A Domoreport Might Have Put A Sock In Its Demise

Animal House: A Domoreport Might Have Put A Sock In Its Demise

Lee Eckroth1 year ago

National Lampoon's Animal House is a 1978 American movie classic. When looking for our next famous house to do a Domoreport, this house was near and dear to Majordomo since it was 30-miles down the road from our home base in Corvallis, Oregon. 

Animal House was directed by John Landis and starred John Belushi. It also had other film legends including Kevin Bacon and Donald Sutherland. The film is about a trouble-making fraternity whose members challenge the authority of their college. Plus, it just so happens that much of the filming took place in and around Eugene, Oregon, and the University of Oregon

Creating a Domoreport for this home seemed like a situation that absolutely required a really futile and stupid gesture to be done... by us!

Creating an Animal House Domoreport

Animal House Main Cast
Source: ABC News, Where Are They Now?

Unfortunately, we could not find any records of a traditional home inspection, but we did have many visual clues to the home's defects inside and out. It required "studying" the movie many times, search for pictures, and finding other historical references for clues regarding the condition of the famed house.

It turns out this house was REALLY dilapidated – so much so that it was torn down 7-years after the movie and is today not much more than a parking lot with a plaque.

While our Domoreport's repair estimates didn't include new landscaping, it did include significant exterior work, interior updates, and safety improvements to the tune of just under $250,000! With this budget, this house was a keeper. Check out the whole report.

Domoreport Repair Estimates of the Animal House

While it is sad the original Animal House was not saved, in 2001 the United States Library of Congress deemed Animal House culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant, and we're fortunate to have many resources dedicated to its fun history.

Thank you to National Lampoon for pushing the limits on filmmaking and for providing us a classic house for a Domoreport.
Animal House - Then & Now
Lee Eckroth

Lee recognized a few missing puzzle pieces in real estate transactions after spending 16+ years as a top producing real estate broker participating in 1,100+ transactions: the understanding of a property's condition, the story of a property, why it matters, what to do next, and who to call to for help. As CEO, Lee oversees the company vision, manages sales and marketing, and exploring business models. "Let's improve the owner's relationship with their home."

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Lee Eckroth
This was a lot of fun for our team!

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