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A Redesigned Explore Page To Help You Make Confident Home Purchasing Decisions

A Redesigned Explore Page To Help You Make Confident Home Purchasing Decisions

James Furlo2 year ago

We're excited to announce our new Explore resources with new pictures, additional details, filters, and easy sharing.

When buying a home, there's a lot to investigate beyond the condition. For example, what utilities are available? Is solar a viable option? And, how walkable is the neighborhood?

There are actually a lot of resources online to help you answer these questions, but finding all of them can be a pain.

So we did it for you!

When you order a Domoreport, we provide you all the national resources instantly. Then a little bit later, all the resources for your state, county, and city.

We found just providing a list of blue links was overwhelming, so this new design makes it much easier to find what's important to you. Here's what it looks like:

All resources:

Filtering to your state-level resources. You can also look at city, county, or national-level resources:

See more details, with an option to star ones you want to remember later and share the direct link.

Our goal is to help you make more confident home-buying decisions, and Explore puts those confidence-building resources right at your fingertips.

If you've already purchased a Domoreport, you can check the new Explore page out now.

James Furlo

Majordomo COO & co-founder, multi-family real estate investor, and former HP big data analyst. Interested in tech, real estate, and math.

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