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About Majordomo

We believe homeowners should be empowered to be responsible chief stewards – majordomos – of their home, their most significant investment. And we believe we can help.

We also believe owning a home is an incredible opportunity and a big responsibility. We’re focused on starting your relationship with your home on a solid foundation.

This foundation starts during the purchase. Typically, you only get a short amount of time to look into the condition of a home and determine if you’re satisfied with a home's condition, if repairs are needed, or if the price needs adjusting.

Traditionally, this is challenging because, during that short amount of time, you need to understand all the information in an inspection report, decide what to do about the information, coordinate with contractors to provide quotes for repairs, and much more. It can be overwhelming!

We created Majordomo in Corvallis, Oregon to help you take quick action by enhancing your home inspection. To know what needs to be repaired and estimate how much it will cost during the second half of the home inspection. We do this with the Domoreport.

Know what needs to be repaired and how much it'll cost. No longer be overwhelmed. We're here to help.

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Lee Eckroth


James Furlo


Matthew Furlo

Backend Engineer

Isaac Avery

UI/UX Engineer


Graham Barber

Lead Software Architect

Zachary Enas

Lead UI/UX Engineer

Lance Holmes

UI/UX Designer Consultant

Daniel Ashcraft

Software Consultant


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Linda Hessel


Our Affiliations

Majordomo is proud to be affiliated with InterNACHI and ASHI. Both international organizations aspire to improve home inspections, the overall home buying & ownership experience


The world’s leading association for home inspectors with free training, online certification, business development, and more.


Committed to progressing the home inspection profession and providing resources to promote healthy home ownership practices.